The Journey of our times

In a psycho-spiritual development of an individual, there is a phase called simply ‘wandering’ where one abandons the known, secure yet ultimately constraining identity and plunges into the uknown, mysterious and unpredictable to search one’s true essence and reason to be alive…

It is a dangerous and scary journey as the dying of the old resembles a complete annihilation and the new that is waiting to be born seems infinitely small and faint in the distance.

Yet it is this exact journey our survival as a species may depend on…

Perhaps the uncertainty of today invites us subtly to venture into the dark woods, with no guarantee, just a small flame of courage in our hearts. Onto the oldest and most meaningful journey one can embark on, a journey towards finding the direction for our lives, aligned with the cosmos, embodying its unfolding… The search for our souls…

And perhaps a similar journey is waiting for our organisations and for all of humanity. A journey beyond all we have ever created ourselves towards a discovery of the alignment with all that is, towards discovering and hearing the oldest rhytm that was here before anything else. The music that created ourselves our planet and our universe…

We are on the journey already, may we travel well…


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