The Journey of our times

February 25, 2012

In a psycho-spiritual development of an individual, there is a phase called simply ‘wandering’ where one abandons the known, secure yet ultimately constraining identity and plunges into the uknown, mysterious and unpredictable to search one’s true essence and reason to be alive…

It is a dangerous and scary journey as the dying of the old resembles a complete annihilation and the new that is waiting to be born seems infinitely small and faint in the distance.

Yet it is this exact journey our survival as a species may depend on…

Perhaps the uncertainty of today invites us subtly to venture into the dark woods, with no guarantee, just a small flame of courage in our hearts. Onto the oldest and most meaningful journey one can embark on, a journey towards finding the direction for our lives, aligned with the cosmos, embodying its unfolding… The search for our souls…

And perhaps a similar journey is waiting for our organisations and for all of humanity. A journey beyond all we have ever created ourselves towards a discovery of the alignment with all that is, towards discovering and hearing the oldest rhytm that was here before anything else. The music that created ourselves our planet and our universe…

We are on the journey already, may we travel well…

From the world in-between

October 25, 2011

In between Earth and Sky
At the edge of waking and dream
Mixed between an underground layer and heavenly kingdom
On the virge between night and day
In between old and new worlds
At the edge where one second turns to another
Where night turns to day
Where angels and dragons shake hands
Where order and chaos play chess
Where clarity and confusion bow to each other and
Past meets future in the present

From these lands the pilgrim returns
Equipped yet with bare hands
Full of fear and trust
With a questionmark on his lips and commitment in his heart
Knowing all but the next step
Or perhaps just that or maybe not even…

But that somehow does not matter
As the stars are shining and the sun and moon are smiling
And the earth is laughing and the animals howling
And the heart is having a passionate love affair with the soul and the earth and perhaps with the entire cosmos…
The time is now to make a first step and to bring the news to the village
As best as he can.
The rest is a mystery…

The audience shaped by death and life itself
Just burns with a single question – What are you waiting for?

Quiet Heroes

April 12, 2011

I just got back from an inspiring evening in Prague. Together with a friend, we had an idea to start Aikido classes for ourselves and few more people. Today was the third class with 11 people attending. A fun and meaningful evening of learning an art, with high, lows, learning and an inspiring discussion in a pub afterwards. A simple evening, not grandiose, not publicized or greatly acknowledged, just a simple evening of beauty…

But what is special about this story for me is that it took a third person to make this happen. Drawing on the initial intention, a dear friend of mine actually took the time outside of his ‘ordinary’ life and responsibilities to call up few potential venues and find the right one for us. He took the time to send few emails and where there was an intention he generated an action, a movement, a commitment. Without the simple few actions that he made happen, today and many evenings to come would never happen. He is my ‘quiet hero’. A person that made it all possible to transfer a dream, a possibility into a reality.

And it made me think. How many of such ‘quiet heroes’ are present in our lives? People who take an idea and make it happen without a need for acknowledgement, fame or praise, just for the idea itself, for the love and the friendship they hold towards us. Crucial people who move all of us forward without being the ones in front. Inspiring individuals who go little further than normal, because they get inspired by an idea, often not their own. The people who are fundamental to all the things we see around us.

How many people like that do I have in my life? How many ‘quiet heroes’ who have helped me on my way just because it felt right and it was something they unselfishly wanted to do? What are all such acts and choices in my family? How many people like this are there in Prague? In my country? In Europe? In the world? What are the stories of these ‘quiet heroes’, what are the little battles they have to fight every day to make things happen without ever having or even needing an acknowledgement for all that they have done? In our lives, in our families, in our communities; these people are hidden everywhere we go, if we spend a little time to look…

How many ‘quiet heros’ do you have in your life? Who are the people who have unselfishly helped you on your way by doing a similar thing to what my friend has done? And perhaps, to how many have you helped in the same way, consciously or unconsciously?

It is to all the ‘quiet heroes’ of our past, present and future that I would like to dedicate this post. Thank you with all my heart as none what is would have been possible without the actions you took at the crucial moment when they were needed…

Anywhere you are and whoever you are, you truly matter to me and to all of us. Thank you.

Leadership in Me

March 25, 2011

This is a recording of a ‘Leadership in Me’ talk done at the Youth to Leadership Conference in Prague,in January 2011. May this serve as an inspiration and please let me know what you think…

Living life as a practice

February 5, 2011

The sun is slowly peeking its eyes over the horizon. The silence is broken by the resolute movement of the sword. The Samurai is completing his morning practice. You can find him here everyday. For the last 10 years. Every morning, the same time, same place, same movements. On a rainy day, on a snowy day, in the summer in the winter, whatever is happening in his life, he is here, ready to practice one more time. It goes beyond an exercise, it is a way of life. Intention, aspiration, humility and discipline…

Whether we train martial arts, sports, playing a musical instrument or anything else, we don’t find it difficult to accept the notion of practice. We practice because we want to learn, grow and be better tomorrow. We know that there is no shortcut and we rejoice with every progress we make. We don’t expect to be perfect right away, we understand this is a long term game. It brings us lightness, humility and playfullness, willingness to experiment and try new things. It builds our character and tests our ability to persevere and recover from setbacks to achieve sustained progress…

Yet for some reason, when doing our work in the world, leading our lives, being family members or while leading people and organisations, we have lost the notion of practice. We feel we have to be absolutely perfect even when we do something for the very first time. We set high expectations to each other and mainly on ourselves. At times, this helps us to ‘push’ ourselves and aspire higher but many times it produces stress, shame, guilt and endless dissatisfaction and non-acceptance of who we are.

How would it be to invite the notion of ‘practice’ into our personal and professional lives? How would it be to aspire and do our best every time yet always know inside that practice by definition never can be perfect and that the more we practice the better we get? How would it be to think where we can play, dance and create new opportunities to practice our art in the world? How would it be to live in humility about what we do and focus on our art first instead of commenting on the art of others?

Where can you create opportunities to practice in your life? What new possibilities does it open for you? What changes in the way of ‘being’ in your life can this bring?

World Citizen

January 5, 2011

This song is so beautiful and the lyrics so interesting I would like to share it with you. It is created by Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian as a part of the Zero Landmine project.


World Citizen – I Won’t Be Disappointed

What happened here?
The butterfly has lost its wings
The air’s too thick to breathe
And there’s something in the drinking water.

The sun comes up
The sun comes up and you’re alone
Your sense of purpose come undone
The traffic tails back to the maze on 101

And the news from the sky
Is looking better for today
In every single way
But not for you

World citizen

World citizen

It’s not safe
All the yellow birds are sleeping
Cos the air’s not fit for breathing
It’s not safe

Why can’t we be
Without beginning, without end?
Why can’t we be?

World citizen

World citizen

And if I stop
And talk with you awhile
I’m overwhelmed by the scale
Of everything you feel
The lonely inner state emergency

I want to feel
Until my heart can take no more
And there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t give

I want to break
The indifference of the days
I want a conscience that will keep me wide awake

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

I saw a face
It was a face I didn’t know
Her sadness told me everything about my own

Can’t let it be
When least expected there she is
Gone the time and space that separates us

And I’m not safe
I think I need a second skin
No, I’m not safe

World citizen

World citizen

I want to travel by night
Across the steppes and over seas
I want to understand the cost
Of everything that’s lost
I want to pronounce all their names correctly

World citizen

World citizen

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

She doesn’t laugh
We’ve gone from comedy to commerce
And she doesn’t feel the ground she walks upon

I turn away
And I’m not sleeping well at night
And while I know this isn’t right
What can you do?

The Mosaic of 2010

January 1, 2011

As the first day of 2011 slowly winds to a close, and before the energy of its new beginning will fully sweep us ahead, I thought to briefly sit down and reflect on the year that just finished yesterday. It was a very important and interesting year for me and I am happy to share with you its echos…

First I have compiled a mosaic of pictures I have taken on my mobile as they year was unfolding. Everywhere I go and whatever I do, when there is a moment that speaks to me and that I want to remember, I take a quick picture. Looking back at the pictures above helps me to recall what a wonderful year it has been.

Second, I would like to share with you a list of few things I have achieved this year and that I am proud of or that influenced me in some way.

  • First of all, this year was a first year of my independent company, Tribe Network. Unsure about how everything will work out and giving it 6 month ‘testing’ period, I find myself at the end of the year still ‘alive’, sustainable and inspired to enter the next year. It is trully amazing and I am so grateful that I have followed my dream.
  • I have received a scholarship to participate in ALIA Summer Institute conference in Canada, taking a module by Meg Wheatley, Jerry Granelli and Jim Gimian called ‘Leader as a Shambhala Warrior. I also got to meet Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, Adam Kahane, Marianne Knuth and many other trully inspiring human beings. Highly recommended to go if this sounds interesting…
  • I have designed and delivered 3 AIESEC LEAD sessions; at IPM in Tunisia, during AI transition in Rotterdam and at IC in India. Working with AIESEC leaders is trully an inspirational, humbling and empowering experience. The wisdom, openness and willingness to learn as well as readiness to critically look on themselves makes them trully exceptional people to work with.
  • Being a facilitator on the HSBC Next Generation Leadership Programme is trully an exceptional experience that always pushes me to the edge of my skills and knowledge and is one of the most inspiring projects I have ever had a chance to participate in. I am proud of the work I have done as a part of a larger Future Considerations team and carry with me many beautiful memories and inspiring moments. Most of all I am inspired by all the people I had a chance to work with and a pleasure to support on their leadership journeys.
  • Graphic recording in New York and London; I had a pleasure to use my visualization and graphic recording skills working with 2 dear friends and colleagues at Cecara Consulting. It was trully exceptional to see them work and make this happen together.
  • I had a chance to facilitate yearly planning for a start-up company. What began as a big dream and lots of ambition is now a well established and a successful company and it was great to plan its journey and then see it happen across the course of the year.
  • I have sold my first Czech leadership development programme together with couple of old friends at Develor. The programmeis set to continue in 2011 and is a great paltform to bring some of the things I learned abroad to my home country.
  • I have written and published my second book called ‘The Invitation’ in August. The book speaks about an inner journey that is required to develop global world citizens who have the level of insight, compassion and courage to move humanity forward. It is full of things I have learned and practices that helped me to get where I am and such is a great resource for anyone inspired by a similar journey.
  • I took part in several personal development workshops such as Systemic Constellations, Family Constellations, Nowhere Innovation event, Gregg Braden’s workshop in London, Seth Godin’s workshop in Amsterdam, the Samurai Game in Brighton as well as personal somatic coaching day. Developing myself is one of the most fun and wise ways to spend my time.
  • Towards the end of the year, I have moved countries to live full time from Prague. This is a very important move from me and I am really looking forward to being based in my home country for the years to come.
  • I have become an active member of the Hub in Prague, hosting a session about Modern world of Leadership, facilitating the leadership team and planning many exciting events and activities for 2011. It is great to have a ‘home’ in Prague full of interesting people and future possibilities.
  • I have taken an Essential Integral Course which is a very elegant and efficient way how to be introduced to one of the most complex frameworks that helps to understand the entire world of humanity’s past, present and future.
  • I have read interesting and stimulating books among which I can recommend Power and Love by Adam Kahane, Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin, Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Linchpin by Seth Godin
  • I have managed to be in my home town twice as much as last year and see more of my family and my little niece. I have also invited my mom to spend some time with me in London before I left. Very precious times.
  • Together with couple of AIESEC friends we have started a blog to help people live life of purpose.
  • And most importantly, I have managed to live through and learn from all the tough moments of the year. I have learned that the ‘lows’ are part of the journey as much as all the successes listed above and though there were many times where I wanted to give up, at the end It all somehow always works out…

Third, I have compiled a short eBook that has some inspiring texts that crossed my way in 2010. You can enjoy it here.

I would like to thank all of you who are part of my journey. It would be absolutely impossible to be who I am today and do what I do if it wasn’t for your words of support, encouragement, challenge and the love, laughter and inspiration you continuously provide.

Thank you 2010 and Welcome 2011!