The Journey of our times

February 25, 2012

In a psycho-spiritual development of an individual, there is a phase called simply ‘wandering’ where one abandons the known, secure yet ultimately constraining identity and plunges into the uknown, mysterious and unpredictable to search one’s true essence and reason to be alive…

It is a dangerous and scary journey as the dying of the old resembles a complete annihilation and the new that is waiting to be born seems infinitely small and faint in the distance.

Yet it is this exact journey our survival as a species may depend on…

Perhaps the uncertainty of today invites us subtly to venture into the dark woods, with no guarantee, just a small flame of courage in our hearts. Onto the oldest and most meaningful journey one can embark on, a journey towards finding the direction for our lives, aligned with the cosmos, embodying its unfolding… The search for our souls…

And perhaps a similar journey is waiting for our organisations and for all of humanity. A journey beyond all we have ever created ourselves towards a discovery of the alignment with all that is, towards discovering and hearing the oldest rhytm that was here before anything else. The music that created ourselves our planet and our universe…

We are on the journey already, may we travel well…


The Galactic Council

December 27, 2011

If you were standing as the first human ever…

At the Galactic council of all the races of the Universe…

I am curious…
What would you choose to speak about?

To races who know not much of what you live every day,
To races eager to grasp your every word and learn about
This new species called Humans…
What would you choose to speak about?

Would you speak about love, beauty, hope, dreams, compassion, kindness?
And how would you describe it?
Would you speak about hate, destruction, wars and conflict?
And how would you describe it?
What would you choose to speak about?

What would you say about our past?
What would you say about our present?
What would you say about our future?
What would you choose to speak about?

Would you speak about yourself or rather about others you aspire to?
Would you speak about humans at their best or the humans we are everyday?
How much would you share about us and how much would you reveal about yourself?
What would you choose to speak about?

Would your speech be an invitation, confession, celebration or confusion?
Would you want the others to visit you ‘home’ one day or rather not?
Would you be full of hope or despair, acceptance or judgment?
What would you say and what would you leave out?
What would you choose to speak about?

What would the others who share our planet say about your speech?
Would you want y(our) mother to know?

I am curious…
If you were standing as the first human ever,
At the Galactic council of all the races of the Universe,
What would you choose to speak about?

World Citizen

January 5, 2011

This song is so beautiful and the lyrics so interesting I would like to share it with you. It is created by Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian as a part of the Zero Landmine project.


World Citizen – I Won’t Be Disappointed

What happened here?
The butterfly has lost its wings
The air’s too thick to breathe
And there’s something in the drinking water.

The sun comes up
The sun comes up and you’re alone
Your sense of purpose come undone
The traffic tails back to the maze on 101

And the news from the sky
Is looking better for today
In every single way
But not for you

World citizen

World citizen

It’s not safe
All the yellow birds are sleeping
Cos the air’s not fit for breathing
It’s not safe

Why can’t we be
Without beginning, without end?
Why can’t we be?

World citizen

World citizen

And if I stop
And talk with you awhile
I’m overwhelmed by the scale
Of everything you feel
The lonely inner state emergency

I want to feel
Until my heart can take no more
And there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t give

I want to break
The indifference of the days
I want a conscience that will keep me wide awake

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

I saw a face
It was a face I didn’t know
Her sadness told me everything about my own

Can’t let it be
When least expected there she is
Gone the time and space that separates us

And I’m not safe
I think I need a second skin
No, I’m not safe

World citizen

World citizen

I want to travel by night
Across the steppes and over seas
I want to understand the cost
Of everything that’s lost
I want to pronounce all their names correctly

World citizen

World citizen

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

She doesn’t laugh
We’ve gone from comedy to commerce
And she doesn’t feel the ground she walks upon

I turn away
And I’m not sleeping well at night
And while I know this isn’t right
What can you do?

Will I (we) make it?

November 11, 2010

Shortly upon arrival to Prague, I had a chance to spend a very nice chilled out evening with couple of old friends. At one point of the evening, one of my friends said something similar to “I am curious if half a year from now, you will make it or if you will get ‘crushed’ by the reality here”.

What an interesting question, I was thinking to myself. Besides the interesting journey to find the answer (which indeed I can only really know in 6 months time), it also lead me to some thoughts and questions…

Obviously there was something in who I was and how I came across that  suggested that I am different from ‘the reality’ here that prompted this question.

But I was also wondering, what is really behind this question? What fuels the strange combination of curiosity, hope, challenge, slight resentment towards the ‘reality’ and a degree of resignation towards the world around? What does it say about the environment in my country that people ask such questions (not the first time I was asked something similar)? What does it even mean to ‘make it’ or to be crushed?

It also makes me think, do we ever allow ourselves to question, why are the things around us the way they are? How did they came to be and what is their natural evolution? Do we venture beyond what we know and allow to stay confidently in not knowing? How often do we allow ourselves the play and joy of unrestricted dreaming to fueling how we intentionally shape the reality around us instead of allowing it only to shape us? Do we live our lives as survivors or as creators?

I guess only time will show answers to the question my friend has asked me. I am quite curious myself actually. Coming back to live in Prague is a big challenge for me. There is lots I see possible, lots I would like to gently seed into the system of the country I love so much. Not because there is anything to fix, change or impose but because there is so much more possible here than many people realize. And there is so much to learn after 5 years of not living here, it feels like coming to a brand new country…

What do I need to learn? Who will be my companions? What things are already happening here that I can connect to? What are the steps and their timing? What is really possible here? What will unfold on this journey? What are the events and people I will meet that I don’t even know yet?

And ultimately… Will I (we) make it? What do you think?

What matters now

December 17, 2009

Pleasure to share with you a new ebook from Seth Godin, author of many interesting books including Tribes. Also a blogger, marketer and online author, definitely worth a read or subscription to his blog updates.

The ebook called What matters now is a compilation of interesting thoughts about what is happening around us and is definitely worth a look…

enjoy 🙂


Waking into unknown

August 15, 2009

What if one day, you wake up into unknown…

Today, we all wake up into knowing. The knowledge humanity accumulated over its existence tells us how things work on different levels, guides us what to do in different situations, advices how to act/choose/behave/decide, enables us to predict what is likely to happen. We take pride in knowing, remembering and learning from our past and we are able to foresee our future.

You wake up in the morning and know what to do, where to go first and where to go second, you know what you planned for the day or what ‘usually’ happens on a day like today. You clean your teeth, take a shower, look outside and decide what to wear, you spend a day at work and go for a dinner with a friend. You read a bit of your favorite book in the evening and set up alarm for tomorrow. Or any other version of this story, some with less similiraties than others, depending on where you were born, who you are, where you live and how your life looks like. But all have one thing in common, they are largely about ‘knowing’ what will happen and a bit of chaos is a useful distraction.

Now take this story and apply it to humanity. Our lives are based on knowing. We have interpretations of our past which we call history. We have answers to many of our questions (through physical or virtual resources) and we are seeking answers to others, all coming from a paradigm that there is an answer available if we think/research about it long enough. We know enough about our systems, nature, environment, society and science to be comfortable with where we are, we realize that different people know different amount of things but it is a function of learning more or less, everything is predictable. Our education, the way we work and our life choices is based on rational and emotional reflection about how things were, are and will be… We are certain/comfortable or at least have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow, that sometimes it rains and sometimes it is sunny, that there are/are not appropriate resources for us to live on day by day. We are confident that whatever will happen we will manage in one way of another and that any change in our life conditions, however different, will sooner or later be addressed and accomodated.

That is the ‘known’…

Now imagine one day you wake up into unknown. Everything around you is moving and changing so quickly that you are not able to consistenly apply any wisdom you have acquired during your life. The traditional authorities (friends, government, scientists, colleagues, spiritual guides, internet, etc.) that you were used to go to with your questions are silent or confused. Things that before took years to gradually progress now take minutes, even seconds. Systems and cultural beliefs/values/principles that you have been relying on for all of your life suddenly appear questionable and unstable. You try to analyze what is the best option, yet the territory is so unfamiliar and unmapped that it proves to be impossible to come with a reliable answer to the questions running through your head at a speed of light…

Now imagine this is not happening only to you, it is happening to all of us at the same time. For each one of us in our own way, similar feeling is present. Feeling of confusion, not knowing, feeling of walking on unchartered grounds beyond familiar frontiers for the first time in human history… What will you do? How will you decide what is important for you and people around? How will you know what needs to be done to ensure safety/well-being/progress and satisfaction? How will you know what is important? How should we all function/coordinate/co-exsit? What is helpful/unhelpful for you, all of us, all life?

How do the birds know where to fly? How do the beavers know where and how to build a dam? How do the trees know where and how to grow? How do the ants/bees/dolphins/all life know what to do?

I believe if the time of unknown comes, we all need to stop and listen. Listen to the force that is a cause of all life, force that can be a guide if we choose to listen to it. Some call it intuition, some call it feeling, some call it god, some call it 6th sense and many other names. I believe it is the same force that guides everything around us that is alive. Yet with us it has a potential to be magnified by our conscious presence and intelligence. It is at the intersection of knowing and not knowing where powerful prototypes of our future will be formed, able to deal with and respond to virtually any degree of change around us. It is at the intersection of wisdom and absolute openness where new answers will emmerge. It is through a combination of child-like curiosity, naivity and playfullness with the reason, experience and wiseness of our past and present that we will find a way forward…

That could be the next evolutionary challenge for all of us…

Home, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

August 13, 2009

I have just finished watching a very challenging, sad yet beautiful and inspiring movie.

Few interesting data from the movie (there is much more…)

  • 40% of arable land today has suffered long term damage
  • 50% of wheat that is traded around the world is used for animal feed or biofuels
  • there is over 1 billion people that suffer from hunger and no access to clean drinking water
  • 1/3 of food that is bought in the UK is thrown away every year
  • in last 50 years, humanity has altered our environment more than in last 200,000 years
  • in last 40 years, polar ice-caps lost 40% of its thickness
  • 70% of people of the world live in coastal areas
  • our ecosystem has no borders, all is connected
  • in last 50 years, the world’s polulation has trippled
  • 50% of world’s poor live in resource-rich countries
  • 50% of world’s wealth is owned by richest 2% of the world’s population
  • 1 in 6 humans has no access to clean water/sanitation and electricity
  • from migration for prosperity to migration for survival

Yet, there is not time to be pesimistic. We might have lost a lot but there is still enough to save, preserve and cherish. Human creativity, science, passion for a better world, small and big organizations, committment to make beautiful things happen despite circumstance. Willingness to act, to follow one’s heart and mind in harmony, willingness to go all the way..

These are some answers that are already making a difference. There are already prototypes of solutions for majority of our current challenges. We are loosing the game but there is no limit to what we can achieve if we harmonize our actions with the Earth and our inner calling for what we feel drawn to do, together, all committed to each other and to a better world…

We need to have the useful conversations from a different place, from a place of common commitment for a healthy and sustainable world. And we need to have them across all sectors, societies, cultures, power, status, selfish interest or any other division we have created for ourselves. These need to transform to practical solutions and a call for action that will blend with our current systems and ways of living. It is time to be bold and creative, it is time to reflect and deeply listen. It is time to create a healthy world…

Please spread the word and the inspiration…