From the world in-between

October 25, 2011

In between Earth and Sky
At the edge of waking and dream
Mixed between an underground layer and heavenly kingdom
On the virge between night and day
In between old and new worlds
At the edge where one second turns to another
Where night turns to day
Where angels and dragons shake hands
Where order and chaos play chess
Where clarity and confusion bow to each other and
Past meets future in the present

From these lands the pilgrim returns
Equipped yet with bare hands
Full of fear and trust
With a questionmark on his lips and commitment in his heart
Knowing all but the next step
Or perhaps just that or maybe not even…

But that somehow does not matter
As the stars are shining and the sun and moon are smiling
And the earth is laughing and the animals howling
And the heart is having a passionate love affair with the soul and the earth and perhaps with the entire cosmos…
The time is now to make a first step and to bring the news to the village
As best as he can.
The rest is a mystery…

The audience shaped by death and life itself
Just burns with a single question – What are you waiting for?


Will I (we) make it?

November 11, 2010

Shortly upon arrival to Prague, I had a chance to spend a very nice chilled out evening with couple of old friends. At one point of the evening, one of my friends said something similar to “I am curious if half a year from now, you will make it or if you will get ‘crushed’ by the reality here”.

What an interesting question, I was thinking to myself. Besides the interesting journey to find the answer (which indeed I can only really know in 6 months time), it also lead me to some thoughts and questions…

Obviously there was something in who I was and how I came across that  suggested that I am different from ‘the reality’ here that prompted this question.

But I was also wondering, what is really behind this question? What fuels the strange combination of curiosity, hope, challenge, slight resentment towards the ‘reality’ and a degree of resignation towards the world around? What does it say about the environment in my country that people ask such questions (not the first time I was asked something similar)? What does it even mean to ‘make it’ or to be crushed?

It also makes me think, do we ever allow ourselves to question, why are the things around us the way they are? How did they came to be and what is their natural evolution? Do we venture beyond what we know and allow to stay confidently in not knowing? How often do we allow ourselves the play and joy of unrestricted dreaming to fueling how we intentionally shape the reality around us instead of allowing it only to shape us? Do we live our lives as survivors or as creators?

I guess only time will show answers to the question my friend has asked me. I am quite curious myself actually. Coming back to live in Prague is a big challenge for me. There is lots I see possible, lots I would like to gently seed into the system of the country I love so much. Not because there is anything to fix, change or impose but because there is so much more possible here than many people realize. And there is so much to learn after 5 years of not living here, it feels like coming to a brand new country…

What do I need to learn? Who will be my companions? What things are already happening here that I can connect to? What are the steps and their timing? What is really possible here? What will unfold on this journey? What are the events and people I will meet that I don’t even know yet?

And ultimately… Will I (we) make it? What do you think?