The time is now…

October 30, 2009

Humanity has arrived at the crossroads of our history, in front of the doors to the unknown. There are no definite answers for our future. No one has a reliable forecast of what will happen in the next few decades.

  • Environment – Even the most advanced climate and environmental models do not give secure predictions for the climate of the future. We have accepted the need to address the human activities and their contributions to climate change, yet we have no way of knowing whether reducing CO2 emissions will be enough. With rapidly changing weather conditions, decreasing amount of fresh water, methan slowly starting to be released into the atmosphere, increasing occurrences of disruptive climate phenomena, we have no clue what the next years will bring and demand from humanity to survive.
  • Economy – The economic books were fundamentally re-written in the last couple of years. Economic theories seem obsolete, current financial system limited and not suitable for needs of wider humanity. New economic systems sparking all over the place. Very few are able to understand, explain or predict the way world economy will develop.
  • Science – With new insights into quantum physics taking solid ground from fundamental premises of exact science, we are re-learning nearly everything from scratch. The interplay between our conscience and the physical reality, the realization that our most advanced models only explain the bit before the mystery begins. Increasing flow of new technologies, scientific insights and models desperately attempting to capture the rapid progression of evolution. No one is able to reliably predict the implications and developments that are waiting to be uncovered.
  • Spirituality – With the Western world increasingly opening up to Eastern and indigenous spiritual traditions, conscious evolution increasingly becoming topic of conversations and the Mayan calendar predictions and explanations, humanity is experiencing a fundamental inner renaissance. Constantly shifting landscapes of how we see our world gave birth to entire new sectors of economy, art, literature and focus of all our activities. Flow, synchronicity, life habitat, Gaia theory, these are just some expressions of the world we are tapping into.

The point being, that no one has the final answer although we all hold a piece. Point being that our future is absolutely open and uncertain. In short, we don’t have a clue what our future will look like.

When we do not know what our future holds, the important question becomes.

What future do we want to create?

If nothing is certain and little is predictable, that means that any future is possible. So which one is yours?

The time is now for all of us to wake-up. It is too late to be pesimists. It is too luxurious to complain and avoid action. I am tired of discussing what does not work and what challenges are in the way.

The time is now for us to make a stand for what we see possible, in ourselves, in others, in our organizations, communities, countries and as a humanity. Thanks to our diversity, we all see the world in different ways. But we all know what do we feel inspired to improve. There is so much possible and waiting to be realized…

Do you feel called to create? Do you have a dream that is waiting to be brought into reality? Are you open to find it? Are you willing to do what it takes to make possible what you envision no matter what resistance you will face?

The time is now my friends. I count on every single one of you… And I will help may you need it… Make the leap, take the step…

Let’s design the world we dream of, let’s map together the path into the unknown…

Use your wings, it is later than you think…
(Paulo Coelho through Twitter)