‘The Rebirth’

December 12, 2011


What if what we are experiencing at the end of 2011 is just mere debris flying away from the volcano of erupting evolution of our species? What if all the crisis pronounced by every commentator from London to New York are just a mere rubble compared to the unleashed potential we just don’t see because we lowered or eyes too much?

Singularity. In Astrophysics it is a ‘point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, and space and time to become infinitely distorted.’ An event or point in the flow of time where the events take a quantum leap towards the infinite, where all exponentially growing trends explode into infinity, where the world transforms in a disproportionate moment of time and unforeseeable impact and consequence…

Thanks to the work of Ray Kurzweil, the technology world has been preparing for singularity in the evolution of the human species. But what if it is not only from the world of technology that the singularity will come?

What would a humanity-wide singularity look like? What if it is not just technology but ALL domains of human activity that are rushing towards a point of quantum transformation? What if there is a ‘momentous leap’ coming in ALL we do and ALL we are? What if it is about to change everything about how we understand ourselves, our world and our place in the universe? What if the world as we know it (and as we have always known it) is about to change so fundamentally that NOTHING will be the same?

After having been mapping different strands of humanity’s evolution for a while, it is my impression that all strands are rushing towards singularity. The movements in nature, technology, science, economy, resources, art, society, spirituality and governance, wherever you look the trend is accelerated, exponential. The efforts of so many, advancing their own bliss while at the same time advancing ours. The connected network that is not yet aware of itself but already acting as one. The dreams and hopes, the focused intentions…

What will happen when we stop looking at the debris and illuminate our cheeks with the light of infinity? What will happen when we focus our awareness and our intent onto the real explosion we have been shielding ourselves from for the fear of not being annihilated?

Perhaps we will go through just that. An annihilation of the world as we know it and the birth of the world of light, love and infinity. For when we change inside all changes… And there is no way back…


Are you Indispensable?

December 19, 2010

The intriguing question in the title of this post is a central question of the recent book by Seth Godin, called Linchpin that I had the pleasure to read in the last few days. The intentions of this remerkable piece of writing are best expressed by Seth’s words found in the last chapter…

“I didn’t set out to get you to quit your job or to persuade you to become an entrepreneur or merely to change the entire world.

All I wanted to do in this book was to sell you on being the artist you already are. To make a difference. To stand for something. To get the respect and security you deserve.

If I’ve succeeded, then you know that you have a gift to give, something you can do to change the world (or your part of it) for the better. I hope you’ll do that, because we need you.”

I find reading this book trully an inspiring endeavour, a must read for anyone aspiring to make a difference in the world or ‘just’ to live a meaningful life and follow one own’s calling. In a layered flow that builts well on itself, Seth explores the limits of where the evolution of our economy and world of work brought us to date and paints a clear picture of what it will take on an individual level to create what’s next – a more inspired and fullfilled future for anyone willing to do the inner work that is required.

Seth outlines very well the challenges of the current model, the reasons for finding ourselves where we are as well as the inner factors that prevent us from going further and changing what does not serve us anymore. It is inspiring to imagine what is possible if more and more people follow the path that this book clearly outlines, which at the same time is a path that is waiting to be made by YOU.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”

The writing is clear, energetic, inspirational and poetic. I found that reading the book evoked many ideas in my mind, brought my awareness to areas where I can improve as well as inspired me to take tangible actions to move things forward.

And this happens everytime I get in touch with Seth’s writing.

Seth is trully a remarkable author with a consistent voice who presents things in a simple yet not simplistic ways and does not allow your inspired self to hide at any point. The metaphores are powerful, intentional and crystal clear.

Such a pleasure to read. He is not a guide with words only, he trully stands behind what he writes and speaks from years of experience. I’ve had a pleasure to meet Seth in person this year and was very inspired by the combination of clarity, challenge, humility and humanity.

If you’re looking for an interesting present for yourself or someone who matters to you, I think this book is a worthy candidate. You can find my twitter notes here.

So… Are you Indispensable?

PS Seth’s blog is one of the few I regurarly make time to read and I am never dissapointed. Find for yourself at www.sethgodin.com

The Invitation

August 31, 2010

Following you can find a brief extract out of my new book, ‘The Invitation’ that speaks about evolution of our world and ourselves and inquires into our role in creating a sustainable future.

“The technological advances of the last two hundred years give us an unprecedented opportunity to fully grasp the complexity of our modern world. On an ordinary day, you can watch a story of the Penan – an indigenous tribe in Malaysia whose only source of survival, the traditional forest, is disappearing thanks to the industrial development in the country. Later on, you find yourself reading on Wikipedia about the twenty-seven kilometres long particle accelerator near Geneva and being doubtful about what will happen when it is set in motion. An experiment that pushes once again the boundaries of our scientific knowledge. You finish the day watching the Formula 1 qualifying highlights on an online TV and chatting with a friend on the other side of the planet through Skype.

You can add your own experiences to illustrate this point. The sheer existence and the scale of these differences that span not only geographies but mainly tens of thousands of years of our development as humanity is still a source of fascination to me; little short of a miracle in most cases. All here, part of our world, right now.

Can you imagine the difference in how the three human beings, the Penan tribe member, nuclear scientist and Formula 1 driver, see and make sense of the world? How different must their daily lives be, how different the things they think about and talk about are? How different are the questions they ask themselves and how far apart are the answers they give?

Yet, we have one thing in common; we live on the same planet. Together. And if we want to continue living here in a way that honours our past, present and future and the rich diversity of human and natural life we have created and are gifted to be a part of, we need to find ways that work for all of us, not only some.

The challenges we face today might appear daunting at times. They are different to what we have ever faced before. Yet, we are different too. The ongoing evolution of who we are and how we make sense of the world around us is giving me hope that we will be able to find the appropriate and much needed solutions for our future; just as we always did.

Yet, it will take something from each one of us to make it happen. As the world changes, we need to follow… We are a part of one of the most fascinating awakenings in our history to date. There are new leaders appearing in every field, in every geography and in every craft, who are waking up to a possibility of a different world and the calling to become part of building it. A calling that brought us here right now, to the pages of this book.

This book is an inquiry into what does it take to act from a state of heart and frame of mind that allows us to do what needs to be done under any circumstance. It is a collection of all the pieces I have discovered, tried and lived through so far, the insights I have come across, heard and developed as well as the recipes that have helped to create me and my life the way it is today.

It is my wish that this book will serve the awakening movement that I see all around me, that it will support its self-awareness, fuel its further development and contribute to its success. That it will act as a resource for any new aspiring members to start their journey of finding new solutions for their and our future.”

The Invitation is available in print and as an eBook on the following pages…

Alice and metaphors – living the life you want

March 29, 2010

Yesterday I had a chance to see Tim Burton’s Alice in the Wonderland. Visually beautiful, entertaining, dark and interesting, I was leaving the cinema somehow playful and with tons of new curiosity about the world around. It felt like there is a new adventure waiting behind every corner as we were walking streets of Amsterdam, though only for a while, still a very fun state to be in…

I won’t speak about the movie itself, you can make your opinion if/when you go see. I am more interested in the different metaphors and lessons that are hidden in the movie as if to answer a question – What is the hidden wisdom in the movie that can help us to live our lives?

Many thoughts have already been written about Caroll’s original story, the colourful and symbolic world of Alice indeed invites itself to many interpretations. The one that I really like and want to share with you is to see the entire journey Alice undertakes as a guide to living the life you truly want – an inspiration to look for and live your unique way in life…

1. As Alice stumbles into the Wonderland, she initially is swayed by the different events happening to her, discovering how the new world works and learning about the people and places she meets. She treats the world as a ‘dream’ and does not mind reacting and living everything that comes her way. For me this is a metaphor of learning about life, adapting to the different things coming your way and exploring the world around you with childlike enthusiasm. In this phase, life literally ‘happens to you’ and there is little you can do to change it.

2. At certain point into the movie, Alice screams – This is my dream and I will create it the way I want ! She stops following the flow of events and becomes its conscious creator. If you replace the word ‘dream’ by word ‘life’, the same sentence can symbolize taking individual responsibility for your unfolding journey. We cease to be mere passengers in order to become our life’s creators, our choices have consequences and our future is a dance between what we want it to be and what is happening around.

3. Towards the end of the movie, Alice realizes that indeed it is not ‘just a dream’, that she has been in Wonderland before and that she has a unique reason to be there again, unique purpose to fulfill. There is a shift in her clarity, the way she makes decisions and chooses to act as if she follows the invisible guideline of her wisdom – to do what is needed of her to save the fairytale world. For me, this ‘remembering’ is a metaphor of discovering one’s direction in life, the moment where everything becomes clear and the future brightens up as clarity emerges about one’s next steps and previously difficult choices become obvious. Exploring who we are and why we are here is one of the most precious gifts we can give to ourselves in this busy world.

4. Lastly, the White Queen symbolizes beautifully the element of free will present… “You can become a champion if you choose to”, she tells Alice. I find this a beautiful metaphor for the crucial role our choices play in shaping how our life actually turns out – there are things coming our way, thoughts we have, discussions we take part in, but at the end of the day it comes down to a simple yet profound decision – what will I choose to do next? Where do I choose to focus my energy/attention? Do I step into the future that calls me forward? Today, tomorrow, day after day?

4 questions for you…

1. What are you discovering about the world and yourself so far?

2. In which areas do you accept full responsibility for your future? Where are you ‘victim’ to your circumstances?

3. What do you most deeply care about? What do you feel called to do right now?

4. To what calling are you listening to and to what you are not? Where do you choose to act?

Have fun exploring these questions and go see the movie, it’s worth it 🙂

Two pieces of inspiration

February 28, 2010

A quote by Albert Einstein

A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and whole of nature in its beauty.

It is incredible to realize when this was written and what level of being was present to be able to formulate these words…

Second quote is from Ken Wilber’s book A Theory of Everything (highly recommended)…

And it is all undone

In the end we will find, I believe, the inherent joy in existence itself, a joy that stems from the great perfection of this and every moment, a wondrous whole in itself, a part of the whole of the next, a sliding series of wholes and parts that cascade to infinity and back, never lacking and never wanting because always fulfilled in the brilliance that is now. The integral vision, having served its purpose, is finally outshined by the radiance of a Spirit that is much too obvious to see and much too close to reach, and the integral search finally succeeds by letting go of the search itself, there to dissolve in a radical Freedom and consummate Fullness that was always already the case, so that one abandons a theory of everything in order simply to be Everything, one with All in this endless awareness that holds the Kosmos kindly in its hand. And then the true Mastery yields itself, the face of the Spirit secretly smiles, the Sun rises in your very own heart and the Earth becomes your very own body, galaxies rush through your veins while the stars light up the neurons of your night, and never again will you search for a mere theory of that which is actually your own Original Face.


The way forward…

November 29, 2009

With the UN Climate Change Conference about to begin in couple of weeks, the attention of many people around the world is  focusing on Copenhagen, speculating on what its outcome will be. Lots is at stake, not only for our climate. Significant progress in the climate change agenda based on a coordinated approach of the 193 countries could mean that if necessary, we are able to come together as humanity to address a difficult global challenge that affects all of us. Failure to do so will certainly carry a signature of dissapointment and bitter feeling that at the end of the day, it is still about national and economic interests before an ability to take any coordinated action. Many other, ‘in-between’ scenarios are also possible, there is indeed lots of possibilities for the outcome.

However, no matter what the final outcome of the conference is, significant progress has been made already. The advertising and TV in UK where I live, is full of ‘new’ agenda around climate change. Majority of big UK companies are integrating sustainability more and more into their mainstream priorities. Climate change has made it from passionate interest of few into the ‘mainstream’, there are very few people in the UK that would not have heard at least a bit about it.

It is very fascinating to see that for the first time in our history, many nations, organizations and individuals all around the world are coming together to collaborate around challenges that affect all of us. Whether it is a common project of majority of world’s nations to preserve crop diversity, global initiative to influence climate change agenda or a C40 – group of 40 largest cities in the world sharing best practice to deal with what is coming. Thanks to the possibilities of internet, willingness to connect and collaborate and  driven by a common desire to ensure survival of humanity, there are myriads of organizations out there striving to address nearly every possible challenge we face, all founded in approximately last 50 years. The initiative to make things happen is coming from all sides – grass root organizations, individual action, organizations and corporations slowly but decisively aligning their priorities, governments integrating various aspects of global problems into their agendas – all because of different drivers yet all acting in one direction…

What needed to change for this to happen?

Our civilization, our way of life, what we care about and what we do, to what we aspire and what we want to create. All these got fundamentally questioned in the last few years. The limits to perpetual growth and indivudalistic profit-drive way of life. The increasing awareness of the results of our past decisions on our present and future. The previously hidden realities of many corporations and governments coming out into the daily light never to be hidden again. The economic crisis in the last 2 years exposing the vulnerability as well as achievements of the fastest expansion period in human history. Our complete dependency on rapidly depleting energy sources. The alternative economic systems mushrooming to address the newly exposed limitations of the current system. And many more…

There is no point in blaming the past, there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with where we are and how we got here, it is all part of our journey. At the same time our awareness, the way we see the world, the way we are able to link causes and consequences, the evolution in our personal priorities – all of these are evolving as we speak and enable us to see what needs to be kept and what needs to change to ensure our healthy future. It is as if an invisible wave that changes every human being is spreading around the world and helping us to change in 7 billion unique ways.

It is this spreading wave of change in how we see the world that will help us to face unprecedented changes in life-conditions around us. It will help us to find the appropriate role of governments, nations, cities, communities, individuals, organizations, corporations, NGOs and social entrepreneurs, an appropriate role to play in creating a different future. It is not a role of any of the above mentioned entities alone to take full responsibility for addressing the global challenges that face us. It is a role of all of these to find their own contribution, to find a sollution from where they stand, to contribute to the common effort. There is no point in waiting for someone to do or someone to decide. We all can do, we all can choose. In our unique way.

It is in these times that I am looking with much hope and a feeling of peace as well as a commitment and determination upon our future. There is lots to be done and lots to be changed as well as lots to keep and celebrate. But the change has started and there is no way back. The pace is quickening but so is our capacity to comprehend what is happening and act in the appropriate way. The world will look very different in the years to come. And it will continue to change and evolve forever as to confirm what Heraclitus once said nearly 2,500 years ago… “Nothing endures but change”.

Enjoy the ride and do what needs to be done…

The Venus Project…

October 5, 2009

Past weekend I had a chance to meet with 2 very interesting people, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from The Venus project. In the words of the founders, Venus Project is a veritable blue-print for the genesis of a new world civilization, one that is based on human concern and environmental reclamation. The project is looking at the entire human presence on the planet today, examines the root causes of our current challenges (e.g. scarcity and monetary system) and presents an integral alternative for our future. Please find more information here.

I had a chance to listen to lecture at the London City University as well as listen to few interviews with both Jacque and Roxanne. Here are some key ideas that I noted…

  • Venus project determines as a source of majority of our current problems (unequal division of wealth, poverty, crime, environmental degradation, etc.) the mentality of scarcity that is fully supported and perpetuated by the current money system. The design of this system results among others in accumulation of wealth by few, skewed resource allocation and majority of population having to ‘work’ every day and do things they have no connection/personal passion in. Everything in the system is designed to perpetuate it.

    Jacque sees the solution in replacing the current system by resource based economy where all Earth’s resources are common heritage of humanity. For example, we are not far away from having the technology to have abundance of energy for everyone in the world (geothermal and other sources of energy). Due to the present money system it is too expensive to make this happen; if the new system allocates resources in a different way, we could have energy for everyone.

    I love Jacque’s example of human body where all its parts need to work together to make it work. How silly it would be if our internal organs would be in competition with each other and for example human heart would refuse to pump the blood cells with oxygen to the brain. All parts of the system need each other to make it, when one breaks down it damages the entire system. Yet our current economic/social system is strongly based on scarcity/disconnectedness of all its parts…

  • The future society would be designed using social engineering, many of our current social problems would be prevented by different education, incentives and different social/economic system. For example the education system would trully stimulate children as a possibility for our common evolution by providing them with self-directed learning support systems instead of an education system that is designed to perpetuate status quo of the society. Jacque says, children can learn anything and the smarter the kids are, the better off we all are…
  • By constantly evolving our technology we will be able to prevent most of currently known challenges and problems at its root cause level rather then treating its effects ex-post (e.g. building fire-resistant building instead of needing firemen, etc.) Technology will be in service of humanity yet organized in a way that it can not be misused by people with narrow-minded and short-term interests. It will allow us to have higher awareness of causes and consequences of our actions on environment for example.
  • As monetary system and scarcity mindset would eventually transform into abundance of basic resources (healthcare, education, energy, housing, food, etc.) majority of ‘jobs’ existing today would not exist anymore. If you think of it, most of the jobs people do today are somehow connected to making money, either to survive or to save/accumulate. With all necessary needs covered and people knowing scarcity is never coming back, there would be no reason to keep saving or being afraid of what will come… People could be free to explore what they feel called to do, what are the ventures that will further support evolution of themselves and contribute to the whole of humanity… The system would bring out the best in every human being…

These are just some examples of what Venus projects outlines. If you look on the website, you can find more information on sustainable cities (land and sea), sustainable transport, construction, housing, etc. I want to leave you explore all Jacque’s thoughts yourself as it is impossible to write all of these into a blog post. Trust me, it’s an interesting reading… Jacque himself also mentions, nothing of this is final, this is just what I/we can see as of now… We will always evolve further…

Is this the answer for our future? How exactly could this work? How will the transiton happen? Has Jacque thought of everything? Will there be a place for me in a society like this? What would people/I actually do every day? Where will it take us, and what will be beyond?

I personally find the Venus project fascinating. I do not know whether this is the blueprint of our future or not. Jacque himself says, this is what I see but if this will happen no one can say. Jacque and Roxanne are currently looking to educate the world about what they researched, created and tested. They are seeking funding to make a popular movie to spread the ideas to a worldwide audience as well as potentially build a prototype of a ‘future’ city.

Learning about the Venus project gave me many answers and even more questions… I feel our way of seeing the world would need to fundamentally shift in order for us to be able grasp and make happen what Jacque sees possible. At the same time, I am wondering whether this is the full picture or whether something is missing… In any way, I am humbled by the novelty, entirety, boldness and intention of this initiative…

What do you think? What do you like about the Venus project? What do you find challenging?

I will look forward to your thoughts… And if you find this interesting, please do spread it in your networks…