Weaving Dreams

November 8, 2011

Let us look together onto the new world,
Let us scratch the crumbling window,
Let us peek behind it and see our future,
Let us recognize the rhythm of destiny,
And weave her strands together…

Let us dream with intention, boldly as never before
Let us create from the field beyond right and wrong
Let us listen to the flow of life and shape it with our imagination
Let us remember why we came her and forget that we can’t do it
Let us sing the song of our dreams and our future…

Together, forever, from now on…


Quiet Heroes

April 12, 2011

I just got back from an inspiring evening in Prague. Together with a friend, we had an idea to start Aikido classes for ourselves and few more people. Today was the third class with 11 people attending. A fun and meaningful evening of learning an art, with high, lows, learning and an inspiring discussion in a pub afterwards. A simple evening, not grandiose, not publicized or greatly acknowledged, just a simple evening of beauty…

But what is special about this story for me is that it took a third person to make this happen. Drawing on the initial intention, a dear friend of mine actually took the time outside of his ‘ordinary’ life and responsibilities to call up few potential venues and find the right one for us. He took the time to send few emails and where there was an intention he generated an action, a movement, a commitment. Without the simple few actions that he made happen, today and many evenings to come would never happen. He is my ‘quiet hero’. A person that made it all possible to transfer a dream, a possibility into a reality.

And it made me think. How many of such ‘quiet heroes’ are present in our lives? People who take an idea and make it happen without a need for acknowledgement, fame or praise, just for the idea itself, for the love and the friendship they hold towards us. Crucial people who move all of us forward without being the ones in front. Inspiring individuals who go little further than normal, because they get inspired by an idea, often not their own. The people who are fundamental to all the things we see around us.

How many people like that do I have in my life? How many ‘quiet heroes’ who have helped me on my way just because it felt right and it was something they unselfishly wanted to do? What are all such acts and choices in my family? How many people like this are there in Prague? In my country? In Europe? In the world? What are the stories of these ‘quiet heroes’, what are the little battles they have to fight every day to make things happen without ever having or even needing an acknowledgement for all that they have done? In our lives, in our families, in our communities; these people are hidden everywhere we go, if we spend a little time to look…

How many ‘quiet heros’ do you have in your life? Who are the people who have unselfishly helped you on your way by doing a similar thing to what my friend has done? And perhaps, to how many have you helped in the same way, consciously or unconsciously?

It is to all the ‘quiet heroes’ of our past, present and future that I would like to dedicate this post. Thank you with all my heart as none what is would have been possible without the actions you took at the crucial moment when they were needed…

Anywhere you are and whoever you are, you truly matter to me and to all of us. Thank you.

Leadership in Me

March 25, 2011

This is a recording of a ‘Leadership in Me’ talk done at the Youth to Leadership Conference in Prague,in January 2011. May this serve as an inspiration and please let me know what you think…

World Citizen

January 5, 2011

This song is so beautiful and the lyrics so interesting I would like to share it with you. It is created by Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian as a part of the Zero Landmine project.


World Citizen – I Won’t Be Disappointed

What happened here?
The butterfly has lost its wings
The air’s too thick to breathe
And there’s something in the drinking water.

The sun comes up
The sun comes up and you’re alone
Your sense of purpose come undone
The traffic tails back to the maze on 101

And the news from the sky
Is looking better for today
In every single way
But not for you

World citizen

World citizen

It’s not safe
All the yellow birds are sleeping
Cos the air’s not fit for breathing
It’s not safe

Why can’t we be
Without beginning, without end?
Why can’t we be?

World citizen

World citizen

And if I stop
And talk with you awhile
I’m overwhelmed by the scale
Of everything you feel
The lonely inner state emergency

I want to feel
Until my heart can take no more
And there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t give

I want to break
The indifference of the days
I want a conscience that will keep me wide awake

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

I saw a face
It was a face I didn’t know
Her sadness told me everything about my own

Can’t let it be
When least expected there she is
Gone the time and space that separates us

And I’m not safe
I think I need a second skin
No, I’m not safe

World citizen

World citizen

I want to travel by night
Across the steppes and over seas
I want to understand the cost
Of everything that’s lost
I want to pronounce all their names correctly

World citizen

World citizen

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

She doesn’t laugh
We’ve gone from comedy to commerce
And she doesn’t feel the ground she walks upon

I turn away
And I’m not sleeping well at night
And while I know this isn’t right
What can you do?

‘Swimming’ with the flow…

December 6, 2010

As some of you know, I am a passionate swimmer. I have been swimming competitively for 8 years since I was 10, which meant 3 hours a day commitment. Swimming was and still is one of my big teachers and helps me to grow as a person. Though today I swim more just to keep in shape, it still is a big part of my life…

As I was swimming today I thought to share something with you. Swimming is a very particular sport where the most powerful outcome is achieved when you marry your power and desire to swim as fast as you can with the flow of the water. One of my swimming coaches used to say that swimming is like a ‘dance in the water’.

This applies to many sports but especially in swimming, simply wanting to go faster and putting all your energy into it is not enough. What is necessary is to put all your energy but at the same time ‘blend’ with the water, do the right moves at the right time. If you do them too quickly, it actually makes you go slower, if you do them too slow you don’t get the optimum glide in the water. For all you aspiring swimmers, I can’t fully explain how to do this, but your body knows how, trust me. It knows exactly what is the right speed, right moves and how to use best what the water already offers…

I find this a powerful metaphor for achieving things in my life. I often hear around me ‘You can manifest anything that you want, all is in your power’. On the other side I also hear, ‘You need to let go and fully surrender to what needs to happen’. How about both? Like in swimming, can we put all our energy, efforts, dreams and aspirations to ‘create’ our reality, while at the same time ‘blend’ with what is waiting to happen, what is flowing around us like the water? Can we harmonize our intentions with what is most needed to happen at this point of time? For us, our communities and the world alike? Where else can this principle help us as we look around our World(s)?

Recently, I have moved countries and one of the things I struggle with at the moment is looking for an appartment, the right place for me to live for next few years, the place that would make my ‘soul’ sing. The same principle applies here, after 3 weeks of tireless browsing, looking and visiting appartments, I have learned that it is not ‘only’ in my power to find this place. No matter how many hours I spent looking for it, no matter how much I want it as soon as possible, no matter how much I can get frustrated that I did not find it yet… No matter what, I also need to wait for the appartment to appear. This does not mean giving up, this means looking as I do and increasing chances I will see it when it appears, but at the same time allowing things to take time and providing I know what I am looking for, to be patient until it appears…

What do you think? Which situation are you facing right now that would benefit from this approach?

Like this I believe we can ‘swim’ with the flow of evolution unfolding around us and achieve flawless elegance in how we live our lives. Good luck in all your ‘swims’…

Winning with honour…

November 14, 2010

Watching Sebastian Vettel win the Formula 1 World Championship has inspired me. I do not know enough about this season to be commenting on whether he deserved or not, but from the little I know he did. In the moment he was cruising the last lap right after going through the finish as the World Champion, the team radio came on. Estimate of 600 million people around the entire world has heard him cry with joy, screaming “Unbelievable” in the times he could actually grasp enough control of his voice to speak… The connection so strong that I had tears in my eyes despite the distance, despite not knowing him, despite his history and how much it took for him to achieve what he achieved today.

Genuine victory with honour, grace and authenticity. How important it is that people we look up to, whether they are politicians, sportsman, celebrities, public figures, our role models, our friends, ourselves… How important it is not only to win and prove we can compete and have enough ambition and courage to make it all the way, but also to win with honour, dignity and in the spirit of fair play. How important it is to do the thing we know needs to be done especially when no one is watching. How important it is to achieve the outside victory without suffering even worse defeat inside.

In the volatile times of today, it is every victory achieved like this that counts towards the new world we are building.

In the lives of the ones we admire the most as much as in our own lives, even in the lives of people we do not know. We face smaller and bigger battles every day, often unprepared, without ideal conditions and sufficient knowledge or previous experience to have it easy. We stand in front of these moments, when we make choices, when we speak to each other, when we stand in front of living our dreams without a drop of assurance yet with a pool of courage. In our personal and professional lives alike, one moment after another. This is where our future is being defined, this is where we build its foundations…

To win with honour, to win without losing a piece of ourselves. To take choices we are proud of for the years to come. To both win and to travel with grace, commitment and sensitivity, to acknowledge that the journey is as important as the destination.

Not because we are wrong or bad when we don’t, but because there is so much more possible for us and all alike when we do…

2 beautiful pieces of writing…

October 27, 2010

Barn raising

by Tim Stanyon (2009)

Another Barn. And yet a new Barn.

Across the hills we come together, we bring our different tools
And different gifts on this fair day. Builders and dreamers.

The timber is mostly cut and that which remains is being shaped
By skilful hands. It is rough in places but strong.
Its grain is beguiling to the eye and the saw.

The land is mostly level and nearly cleared of rocks but some remain.
Enough to remind us this isn’t our earth but we are lent it for our building.

The first timbers are joined and pegged together.
The cross members, which recently grew themselves,
Are now erected afresh. The shadows
Lengthen as they rise to their full height.
The grunts and laughter mix with sweat and frowns to ease their rising
The echo of the thud as the main pieces drop into their holes secures a firm foundation.

The great skeleton is here and seemingly born from nothing.
The cladding dresses the bones and creates a man made space
Where only earth space had been. And a roof is set on top like a crown

A new barn is made. The wood for sure was needed and the carpenters’ skill.
But the barn is built solid with love and a faith in the future.
Built by us all for our use and our successors, down the years.
The harvests it will hold are as yet unplanted but imagined and ripe.
The labour undertaken inside or in its welcome shadow
On a hot day or in its lee on a windy day is a testament to all the builders.
They had seen the Barn in their eyes and their minds and their hearts.
Before a hammer fell or a saw cut. They had built with love.
And this is stronger than any wood.

Another Barn. A new Barn. And a new beginning.

The Journey

by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting
their bad advice–
though the whole house
began to tremble
and you felt the old tug
at your ankles.

“Mend my life!”
each voice cried.

But you didn’t stop.
You knew what you had to do,
though the wind pried
with its stiff fingers
at the very foundations,
though their melancholy
was terrible.

It was already late
enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen
branches and stones.

But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do–
determined to save
the only life you could save.