The Journey of our times

February 25, 2012

In a psycho-spiritual development of an individual, there is a phase called simply ‘wandering’ where one abandons the known, secure yet ultimately constraining identity and plunges into the uknown, mysterious and unpredictable to search one’s true essence and reason to be alive…

It is a dangerous and scary journey as the dying of the old resembles a complete annihilation and the new that is waiting to be born seems infinitely small and faint in the distance.

Yet it is this exact journey our survival as a species may depend on…

Perhaps the uncertainty of today invites us subtly to venture into the dark woods, with no guarantee, just a small flame of courage in our hearts. Onto the oldest and most meaningful journey one can embark on, a journey towards finding the direction for our lives, aligned with the cosmos, embodying its unfolding… The search for our souls…

And perhaps a similar journey is waiting for our organisations and for all of humanity. A journey beyond all we have ever created ourselves towards a discovery of the alignment with all that is, towards discovering and hearing the oldest rhytm that was here before anything else. The music that created ourselves our planet and our universe…

We are on the journey already, may we travel well…


First note on becoming an artist

December 12, 2011

I have decided recently to become an artist. Or maybe I always was just have not thought about myself that way… I have been bringing my art to the world, disguised as a coach, facilitator, leader, friend, world citizen… But inside always an artist. Always aspiring, dreaming and doing my best to bring my future oriented art to the world.

Yes, future oriented. I have thought about all the things I have ever enjoyed the most, all the things I would feel inside were the right ones, all the things that brought joy to people around me and to myself. And all of them were somehow connecting to creating a new future, providing a spark for dreams and new reality to come through. Now that sometimes meant ‘just’ listening and learning first about the past and present so the future can be created. But no matter where it started it always lead toward a new future being born a new possibility born out of mutual connection and love for the person, life and dreams present…

So… That is my art; to bring forth new futures, to be creative artist of the future… It has always been there for me to see, but only recently I have seen the red thread weaving all the strands of my life together, connecting the dots of the past…

Bonus question for you, what could be the read thread in your life that connects everything that ever was, is and will be?

So what have I learned about becoming an artist so far?

  • Art is for people. People as in myself; it brings me joy, is fun to create, it allows me to play, it engages my full self at my highest. It challenges me to become better, it feels amazing inside and wants me to get up right now and dance all around the world… But it is also for others, to bringing them joy, possibility, inspiration, memory, dream, love and life… And it is for the world, human and beyond, for Earth, life, galaxy and cosmos. As art is a very expression of life; our personal connection to the forces that have made our world in last 13,7 billion years, whether you choose to call it god, evolution or…
  • Not everyone will like my art and my art is not for everyone. My art is for those who can appreciate who I am and what I am creating. Both. It is not about the artefact only, it is for the people who take time to understand and learn about why I do my art and what is the intention behind it. The sooner I fully realise this and stop taking feedback from everyone regardless of their intentions and desires to learn about my art as well as about myself as an artist, the easier it is for me to find and express my unique art.
  • When my art is young (and maybe forever) it truly matters who are the people around me. Do they support me, cheer me up? Do they find and seek ways to relate a critique to me in a way that I will understand? Do they care about how I feel about their feedback? Are they allowing my journey to unfold or are they quick to compare me to their pre-conceived notion of how ‘art’ should look like?

As I naturally listen to people a lot, I notice I give authority to everyone to be the judge of what I create. But truly, only opinions of few matter to me; those who I can trust to see me fully as who I am and take time to ‘offer’ gifts of their wisdom and discernment. The rest of the people, full of projections and unrealised personal dreams –  useful information but does not matter. After all, who is an expert in my art?

Those are the notes for now, the journey continues. I love it. I am grateful for all the lessons, people and events who are part of it…

Creating future everywhere I go…

With love and fire…

From the world in-between

October 25, 2011

In between Earth and Sky
At the edge of waking and dream
Mixed between an underground layer and heavenly kingdom
On the virge between night and day
In between old and new worlds
At the edge where one second turns to another
Where night turns to day
Where angels and dragons shake hands
Where order and chaos play chess
Where clarity and confusion bow to each other and
Past meets future in the present

From these lands the pilgrim returns
Equipped yet with bare hands
Full of fear and trust
With a questionmark on his lips and commitment in his heart
Knowing all but the next step
Or perhaps just that or maybe not even…

But that somehow does not matter
As the stars are shining and the sun and moon are smiling
And the earth is laughing and the animals howling
And the heart is having a passionate love affair with the soul and the earth and perhaps with the entire cosmos…
The time is now to make a first step and to bring the news to the village
As best as he can.
The rest is a mystery…

The audience shaped by death and life itself
Just burns with a single question – What are you waiting for?

Wandering in nature

July 1, 2010

Bill Plotkin in his book Soulcraft refers to nature and soul as our inner and outer wilderness. It is by wandering in nature we can discover things about our soul and the other way around. Wandering in nature is one of the most intense, meaningful, enjoyable and calming practices I use.

When was the last time you were walking in nature without a purpose? When you were taking in its beauty and all the smells that remind you of childhood with every breath? When you were looking in awe on the monumental trees, listened to the sound of grass in the wind or to the buzzes, trills and other sounds around you? When was the last time you got so present in the moment that few hours have passed without you knowing what actually happened?

The instructions are simple. Get rid of all the things that might distract you (things to carry, mobile phones, etc.) and spend an hour wondering in nature. Choose a spot where this is possible (one where you can be alone and undisturbed by others, one where you can easily find yourself and get back after you are done) and start walking. Notice everything. Focus your attention on the sounds, colours, stillness and movement. Breathe in and out deeply and notice the scents. Touch the trees, the soil and the water. Be playful and allow yourself to do what feels right. No one tells you what is allowed or not, what is appropriate, normal or silly. Roll in the grass, connect with the trees, sing with the birds or run as fast as you can. Allow the lost child to come out and play, to discover as if seeing for the first time, to rejoice like it once used to, to live carefree for an hour.

Allow your thoughts to appear, acknowledge them and let them pass. After a while there will suddenly be much less of them, so little in fact that you can start seeing the world as it is again. Everything that will happen during that hour has a meaning. Or nothing does… You will know in any case…

Once the hour is gone, sit down on the grass or by a tree and write everything down. How you feel, what happened, what meaning did you add, what opened up for you. Write nothing if you want to honour the experience that way…

What are you waiting for?