The Galactic Council

December 27, 2011

If you were standing as the first human ever…

At the Galactic council of all the races of the Universe…

I am curious…
What would you choose to speak about?

To races who know not much of what you live every day,
To races eager to grasp your every word and learn about
This new species called Humans…
What would you choose to speak about?

Would you speak about love, beauty, hope, dreams, compassion, kindness?
And how would you describe it?
Would you speak about hate, destruction, wars and conflict?
And how would you describe it?
What would you choose to speak about?

What would you say about our past?
What would you say about our present?
What would you say about our future?
What would you choose to speak about?

Would you speak about yourself or rather about others you aspire to?
Would you speak about humans at their best or the humans we are everyday?
How much would you share about us and how much would you reveal about yourself?
What would you choose to speak about?

Would your speech be an invitation, confession, celebration or confusion?
Would you want the others to visit you ‘home’ one day or rather not?
Would you be full of hope or despair, acceptance or judgment?
What would you say and what would you leave out?
What would you choose to speak about?

What would the others who share our planet say about your speech?
Would you want y(our) mother to know?

I am curious…
If you were standing as the first human ever,
At the Galactic council of all the races of the Universe,
What would you choose to speak about?


‘The Rebirth’

December 12, 2011

What if what we are experiencing at the end of 2011 is just mere debris flying away from the volcano of erupting evolution of our species? What if all the crisis pronounced by every commentator from London to New York are just a mere rubble compared to the unleashed potential we just don’t see because we lowered or eyes too much?

Singularity. In Astrophysics it is a ‘point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, and space and time to become infinitely distorted.’ An event or point in the flow of time where the events take a quantum leap towards the infinite, where all exponentially growing trends explode into infinity, where the world transforms in a disproportionate moment of time and unforeseeable impact and consequence…

Thanks to the work of Ray Kurzweil, the technology world has been preparing for singularity in the evolution of the human species. But what if it is not only from the world of technology that the singularity will come?

What would a humanity-wide singularity look like? What if it is not just technology but ALL domains of human activity that are rushing towards a point of quantum transformation? What if there is a ‘momentous leap’ coming in ALL we do and ALL we are? What if it is about to change everything about how we understand ourselves, our world and our place in the universe? What if the world as we know it (and as we have always known it) is about to change so fundamentally that NOTHING will be the same?

After having been mapping different strands of humanity’s evolution for a while, it is my impression that all strands are rushing towards singularity. The movements in nature, technology, science, economy, resources, art, society, spirituality and governance, wherever you look the trend is accelerated, exponential. The efforts of so many, advancing their own bliss while at the same time advancing ours. The connected network that is not yet aware of itself but already acting as one. The dreams and hopes, the focused intentions…

What will happen when we stop looking at the debris and illuminate our cheeks with the light of infinity? What will happen when we focus our awareness and our intent onto the real explosion we have been shielding ourselves from for the fear of not being annihilated?

Perhaps we will go through just that. An annihilation of the world as we know it and the birth of the world of light, love and infinity. For when we change inside all changes… And there is no way back…

Winning with honour…

November 14, 2010

Watching Sebastian Vettel win the Formula 1 World Championship has inspired me. I do not know enough about this season to be commenting on whether he deserved or not, but from the little I know he did. In the moment he was cruising the last lap right after going through the finish as the World Champion, the team radio came on. Estimate of 600 million people around the entire world has heard him cry with joy, screaming “Unbelievable” in the times he could actually grasp enough control of his voice to speak… The connection so strong that I had tears in my eyes despite the distance, despite not knowing him, despite his history and how much it took for him to achieve what he achieved today.

Genuine victory with honour, grace and authenticity. How important it is that people we look up to, whether they are politicians, sportsman, celebrities, public figures, our role models, our friends, ourselves… How important it is not only to win and prove we can compete and have enough ambition and courage to make it all the way, but also to win with honour, dignity and in the spirit of fair play. How important it is to do the thing we know needs to be done especially when no one is watching. How important it is to achieve the outside victory without suffering even worse defeat inside.

In the volatile times of today, it is every victory achieved like this that counts towards the new world we are building.

In the lives of the ones we admire the most as much as in our own lives, even in the lives of people we do not know. We face smaller and bigger battles every day, often unprepared, without ideal conditions and sufficient knowledge or previous experience to have it easy. We stand in front of these moments, when we make choices, when we speak to each other, when we stand in front of living our dreams without a drop of assurance yet with a pool of courage. In our personal and professional lives alike, one moment after another. This is where our future is being defined, this is where we build its foundations…

To win with honour, to win without losing a piece of ourselves. To take choices we are proud of for the years to come. To both win and to travel with grace, commitment and sensitivity, to acknowledge that the journey is as important as the destination.

Not because we are wrong or bad when we don’t, but because there is so much more possible for us and all alike when we do…

Will I (we) make it?

November 11, 2010

Shortly upon arrival to Prague, I had a chance to spend a very nice chilled out evening with couple of old friends. At one point of the evening, one of my friends said something similar to “I am curious if half a year from now, you will make it or if you will get ‘crushed’ by the reality here”.

What an interesting question, I was thinking to myself. Besides the interesting journey to find the answer (which indeed I can only really know in 6 months time), it also lead me to some thoughts and questions…

Obviously there was something in who I was and how I came across that  suggested that I am different from ‘the reality’ here that prompted this question.

But I was also wondering, what is really behind this question? What fuels the strange combination of curiosity, hope, challenge, slight resentment towards the ‘reality’ and a degree of resignation towards the world around? What does it say about the environment in my country that people ask such questions (not the first time I was asked something similar)? What does it even mean to ‘make it’ or to be crushed?

It also makes me think, do we ever allow ourselves to question, why are the things around us the way they are? How did they came to be and what is their natural evolution? Do we venture beyond what we know and allow to stay confidently in not knowing? How often do we allow ourselves the play and joy of unrestricted dreaming to fueling how we intentionally shape the reality around us instead of allowing it only to shape us? Do we live our lives as survivors or as creators?

I guess only time will show answers to the question my friend has asked me. I am quite curious myself actually. Coming back to live in Prague is a big challenge for me. There is lots I see possible, lots I would like to gently seed into the system of the country I love so much. Not because there is anything to fix, change or impose but because there is so much more possible here than many people realize. And there is so much to learn after 5 years of not living here, it feels like coming to a brand new country…

What do I need to learn? Who will be my companions? What things are already happening here that I can connect to? What are the steps and their timing? What is really possible here? What will unfold on this journey? What are the events and people I will meet that I don’t even know yet?

And ultimately… Will I (we) make it? What do you think?

Finding your Ideal job

April 24, 2010

I get many questions recently from people saying something like; “I feel there is more to my career/life than what I am doing right now, I would like to find something different, something I would love doing in other words, an ideal job.” The recent economic events and uncertain times serve either as an incentive (when people lose their jobs) or as an invitation (when people realize their current one is overdue and choose to leave) to pursue one’s true interest and dreams. It is fascinating how many of my friends and people in general are lately asking themselves – What is the job I would really love?

When I have these conversations, I often find out people stay very vague when defining their ideal future. For different reasons (not wanting to be too specific to cut out some options, not wanting to too idealistic and possibly fail themselves, not appearing over confident or any for any other reason (add your favourite here…), when I ask people about what job would they love, they answer something like – working with people, traveling, feeling that I matter, good salary, nice colleagues and atmosphere…

First, I really like that they are asking themselves this important question and not just following where the ‘ordinary’ path leads. Second, it is great that they can formulate a bit around the direction they want to go. Great stuff… Yet, what I find from my experience is that the world gets moving towards one’s dream only if one becomes really, really specific about what he/she wants. A friend of mine once told me a story where she really wanted to win a lottery draw, she bought a ticket and won 10 pounds. Great ! Of course, she imagined to win much more, yet she got exactly what she asked for

The more specific you can be about what you really want, what you really dream about, what is your IDEAL, the more likely you are to get it. If any of these lines connect to where you are in your life right now, I suggest you take 30 minutes, blank piece of paper and start with some of the following questions…

  • What do you do? How does your day look like? What tasks do you enjoy working on? What emails do you get in your inbox?
  • Who do you work with? What are your colleagues like? What is the atmosphere in your organization? Who are your clients (internal/external)? What do people say about your company/organisation?
  • How much do you earn? What does it allow you to do?
  • What do you like about your work? How do you feel at the end of the day? What are you proud of?
  • How much do you travel? Where to? What do you like about it?
  • What is the impact you are making? Why do you do what you do?
  • How is this job making possible for your future? How does the path in front of you look like?
  • Why do you care about your job and the people you work with? How does it connect with who you want to become?

You get the idea. These are just to start with, no need to answer all of them, please add/replace with your own questions that matter to you the most. Be as concrete as possible, as bold as you dare, as much an idealist as you know how to. Follow your inner voice, the one that says you can not the one that says all the other things… Have fun, make a drawing, make it yours, do it in whatever way you want to.

After all it’s your future… Don’t worry if you think this might work or not, don’t worry if you believe in ‘these’ things or not. Just try it out. At worst, you spend 30 minutes dreaming about your own future…

Good luck and let me know how it goes…

What do you do?

Who do you work with?

How much you earn?

What do you like about it?

How much you travel?

What is the impact you are making?

What is the path in front of you?

Why do you care about it?

How does it connect with who you want to become?

Earth Hour 2010

March 20, 2010

This is a short inspiring video that clearly demonstrates the power of human connection producing powerful coordinated action and meaningful statement on a global problem.

What else can be done towards our future if we can already impact nearly 1,000,000,000 people with initiative like this?

What else do you see possible?

Avatar movie – guide to our future

December 17, 2009

It is an irony that while the whole world is watching the inability of all the world’s governments to reach a viable solution for our future, an inspiring possibility for all of us is being introduced through one of the most beautiful movies ever created – Avatar. Clumsy, disorganized and inefficient world of climate negotiations sharply contrasts with a beautifuly painted world of Pandora, where indigenous population Na’vi live in a connected harmony with their planet, in a unique symbiosis where all life has a place and everything is inter-connected.

James Cameron’s new sci-fi movie paints a tale that is well known to us from our recent history. Greedy corporation supported by blinded army is seeking to destroy and eliminate any resistance to its objectives… Oh how many times have we been present to the consequences of this path. But wait, there is something different this time. As the movie progresseses we slowly become enchanted by the misterious race of Na’vi, by their spiritual beliefs, way of life, co-existence and admiration to all living creatures, by their ability to follow their intuition and live as nodes of universal life-energy that allows everything to happen and in the words of stunning 10 feet beings – is only borrowed.

We become more and more compassionate towards Na’vi… What are these humans doing? Using all proven weapons of the past. Force, technology, deceipt, choiceful blindedness, dehumanization, the list goes on. Suddenly the turquoise indigenous population of Pandora becomes more human that the representatives of the human race… Destructive and greedy interests suddenly find themselves outnumbered by compassion – of few humans towards Na’vi, of Na’vi towards all beings that are part of their home, of the audience towards the efforts of their combined forces…

Just like it is happening in our world…

Avatar is probably the most visually stunning movie I have ever seen. Beautifuly crafted world of Pandora is so inviting that one wishes we could just simply open the door and enter… But Avatar is also one of the most deep, spiritual and philosophical movies I have ever seen. In a package of a brand new and fascinating holywood blockbuster, we are also given a stunning mirror to our world. Mirror that is difficult to see but one that has to be looked into right now, right here at this moment in history.

We always loved stories. In fact, most of our wisdom that we carry today as humanity has been told as stories. Tomorrow, the movie will be played in millions of places around the planet. The Na’vi race and way of life is giving us clues as to what future is possible for humanity. The entire world is being given a guide, a fascinating tale that is not about the past but about the future…  Something tells me that Avatar will become a guiding story of our times…

I smile as I reconfirm that we are always given a hand when needed. James Cameron took over 10 years to make this movie, it is said that the technology had to evolve to be able to fulfill the mandate of Cameron’s dreams. But maybe it was not only the technology we had to wait for. Maybe our way of seeing the world had to evolve for this movie to be accepted and for it to have the impact it will have. We had to arrive at a place where we are able to stop, to listen and to understand.

I am rejoicing today for all of us, for it will be the same level of thinking that gave birth to Avatar that will lead us towards a sustainable co-existence and future on this planet. And that is despite what will happen tomorrow in Denmark…

So? Go see it ! With open mind, open heart and open will. Allow yourself to be touched, to be moved, to be inspired.

And then, then you will know what to do…



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