Are you Indispensable?

December 19, 2010

The intriguing question in the title of this post is a central question of the recent book by Seth Godin, called Linchpin that I had the pleasure to read in the last few days. The intentions of this remerkable piece of writing are best expressed by Seth’s words found in the last chapter…

“I didn’t set out to get you to quit your job or to persuade you to become an entrepreneur or merely to change the entire world.

All I wanted to do in this book was to sell you on being the artist you already are. To make a difference. To stand for something. To get the respect and security you deserve.

If I’ve succeeded, then you know that you have a gift to give, something you can do to change the world (or your part of it) for the better. I hope you’ll do that, because we need you.”

I find reading this book trully an inspiring endeavour, a must read for anyone aspiring to make a difference in the world or ‘just’ to live a meaningful life and follow one own’s calling. In a layered flow that builts well on itself, Seth explores the limits of where the evolution of our economy and world of work brought us to date and paints a clear picture of what it will take on an individual level to create what’s next – a more inspired and fullfilled future for anyone willing to do the inner work that is required.

Seth outlines very well the challenges of the current model, the reasons for finding ourselves where we are as well as the inner factors that prevent us from going further and changing what does not serve us anymore. It is inspiring to imagine what is possible if more and more people follow the path that this book clearly outlines, which at the same time is a path that is waiting to be made by YOU.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”

The writing is clear, energetic, inspirational and poetic. I found that reading the book evoked many ideas in my mind, brought my awareness to areas where I can improve as well as inspired me to take tangible actions to move things forward.

And this happens everytime I get in touch with Seth’s writing.

Seth is trully a remarkable author with a consistent voice who presents things in a simple yet not simplistic ways and does not allow your inspired self to hide at any point. The metaphores are powerful, intentional and crystal clear.

Such a pleasure to read. He is not a guide with words only, he trully stands behind what he writes and speaks from years of experience. I’ve had a pleasure to meet Seth in person this year and was very inspired by the combination of clarity, challenge, humility and humanity.

If you’re looking for an interesting present for yourself or someone who matters to you, I think this book is a worthy candidate. You can find my twitter notes here.

So… Are you Indispensable?

PS Seth’s blog is one of the few I regurarly make time to read and I am never dissapointed. Find for yourself at


What matters now

December 17, 2009

Pleasure to share with you a new ebook from Seth Godin, author of many interesting books including Tribes. Also a blogger, marketer and online author, definitely worth a read or subscription to his blog updates.

The ebook called What matters now is a compilation of interesting thoughts about what is happening around us and is definitely worth a look…

enjoy 🙂